Days of Grace: Meditations and Practices for Living with Illness

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Recently I started accepting that life is not all about travelling to the mountains in India, waking up in the morning and swimming and running in nature, having a great time with great friends. Sometimes though, life gives us situations that are not so pleasant to deal with. It might be a one-off big situation that comes and goes in a period of time. It might be a chronic situation that we have to learn to live with, or a situation that lingers for some time.

If we meditate formally, we know that what we are doing when we meditate is sitting down with ourselves, our thoughts, allowing what comes up and not judging it or reacting to it.

We allow our mind to settle. We feel through what comes up, feel through our emotions, without rejecting them or making a drama out of them.

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Practicing formal meditation over the years has helped my mind get clearer and calmer. The fruit of this is that I can use this mind to go through my day.

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This awareness eventually started flowing into my day-to-day chores, not just while sitting. I started being more able, eventually, to see my reactions to situations come up, like anger, judgement, irritability, attachment. Being aware of these feelings helps me to not react to them in an impulsive way. I can see myself getting angry or impatient, and instead of letting that rise up to a destructive level, breath through it, then later see where it is coming from.

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  4. Why People Who Pray Are Healthier Than Those Who Don't.
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Usually it is not the other person or the situation that is making me angry, but something I need to sort out within myself. I might become aware of some resistance I am having, maybe someone is showing me love and I see myself building a wall and not being able to accept it. By becoming aware of it again and again, and understanding that that is what I am doing, the pattern eventually starts changing.

But there are days when situations come up, in the family, in my personal life, situations and emotional issues that are hard to accept. If I decide to make life my practice and take every situation on as an opportunity to grow and be present, I know I will always get stronger through it.

Learning to also be grateful for that is part of making our whole life into our spiritual practice.


But I can also decide to see what this situation is teaching me. Maybe I can learn to be more patient, to be calmer in stressful situations, or to open myself up to love in a new way. Maybe I can learn to confront my fears and express something I need to express, even if I make mistakes.

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When Bhogar felt that his outer work was done, he entered the gateway of earth and stone and sat down in the darkness of the cave. Buy a The Buddhist Vegetarian Kitchen gift card. We offer a different rate for participants living in certain countries taking into account Local Purchasing Power. Join Facebook to connect with Pulipani Siddhar and others you may know. Tweet: We can love our anxiety and see it as a source of strength.

Saint Clair. La Salle. Chronic Pain Group. Group meets in:. The groups will help patients manage the symptoms of chronic pain Chronic Illness. View Email. Expand your understanding of your mind and body's connection. Know that you are Walk the Line. You do not have to have a current medical cannabis card to be apart of this group.

This group is only Community Meditation Sitting Group. Light snacks, social time, meditation practice, dhamms readings and discussion. The "dhamma-readings-and-disc ussion" provides opportunity to make connections between the teachings and the practice of meditation in everyday Diabetes Support. Diabetes Support Groups are a great way Grief Therapy Group. At the Center for Holistic Medicine, we bring together the holistic health services our patients need in one convenient, peaceful location in Chronic Illness Support Group.

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This is a group for persons who have been diagnosed with a chronic illness. In this group you will receive support from peers Learning how to control and illness without letting the illness control you. This is a free open support group. All adults welcome.