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The team investigates the death of a radio DJ and a naval officer who were both killed live on air, and their job becomes more difficult by the discovery of various suspects. While searching for the murderer, they inadvertently uncover a large domestic terrorist group composed mostly of wealthy homeowners living in a gated community. The terrorist group feel that America should be spending more money defending itself rather than on foreign wars, and attempted to recruit the DJ to their cause.

When the DJ refused, they had him killed to silence him. The NCIS team raids the community and arrests all of the members, only to find out that they have something much more sinister planned. Meanwhile, Tony's latest fling causes trouble when she suggests role playing , but refuses to tell Tony what she has in mind. Her fantasy is later revealed to be Tony Manero from Saturday Night Fever , evidenced by a very uncomfortable Tony attempting to sneak out of the Navy yard in a white disco suit.

When investigating a murder of a former Navy Commander and friend of Vice Admiral Chase, the team stumbles across a piece of an old nuclear bomb that had been lost during the Cold War.

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Because the victim had connections to Tony's father, they track him down and question him. They discover that the CEO of a salvage company stumbled across the nuclear bomb and plans to sell it on the black market. They must deal with three Palestinian terrorists trying to kill him. The episode ends on a cliffhanger when, after an attack by the terrorists at the conference apparently fails, Vance and David go to a safe house. Gibbs cannot reach them on the radio and Officer Hadar is shown to be lying dead at the safe house. Mark Horowitz. Gibbs arrives at the scene to find Hadar dead, Vance critically injured, and Eli missing.

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Eventually, the team tracks down Eli, who had gone into hiding to elude his assassins. They then deduce that the man who planted the bomb is an insider at NCIS. Gibbs originally comes to the conclusion that Eli tried to have Vance killed during the op by tipping off his primary target: a Soviet operative called the Russian. When Eli is found, it is revealed that Vance and Eli had actually worked together during the op to stop the Russian and his hit team which was the career builder for Vance. It is revealed that the insider is Riley McAllister, former head of the San Diego field office, and that he mounted the operation so that his area of expertise, Russia, would come back into a post-Cold War play which would have allowed him to become Director. He had hired the Russian, the same man that he later sent Gibbs to assassinate in Paris along with Jenny Shepard, to kill Vance and he had set up the bomb at the safe house to have revenge on Vance and Eli.

He then tries to kill Vance in his hospital room but Vance stabs him with a knife that Gibbs had given him to defend himself. Before he returns to Israel, Eli makes peace with Ziva.

James Whitmore Jr. Meanwhile, Ziva and McGee attempt to discover the reason for Tony's strange behavior. Thomas J. The team learns of the victim's wealth, opening up new lines of investigation. The victim was the heir of a multimillion dollar corporation, and was intending to use his ownership to turn the corporation into a charity organization. Piecing together the clues, the team discovers that the victim's death was the result of a conspiracy between his sister, the family lawyer, and the corporation's CFO.

Later, one of the victim's squadmates, who is also a lawyer, arrives at NCIS to deliver his last will and testament, which was intended to carry out the victim's wishes to reform his company. Meanwhile, Magnus reveals the true reason for his visit; he is suffering from Alzheimer's disease and he was hoping that coming back to NCIS would help him regain his memories.

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Craig Ross, Jr. The team investigates the death of a marine, which reveals that his wife has been abused. A naval commander is found dead in his rack aboard ship, apparently murdered. The NCIS team investigates while having to deal with mandatory psychological evaluations conducted by Dr. Rachel Cranston, who is eventually revealed to be the older sister of their former colleague and friend, Agent Caitlin Todd. It is discovered that the commander had actually committed suicide due to facing mandatory retirement and having no life other than the Navy.

His colleagues had disguised the suicide out of respect for him. While the team is busy guarding Adriana, Gibbs attempts to investigate the death of the Marine who was killed protecting the minister. Meanwhile, Adriana begins developing a crush on McGee, but she is suddenly kidnapped by two armed attackers.

Furious at their failure, Vance orders the team to solve the case in 48 hours or he will take McGee and Dinozzo's badges. The team discovers that Adriana, who disagreed with her father's policies, arranged her own kidnapping to pressure him. However, one of the conspirators becomes greedy and decides to hold her for ransom. Fortunately, the team is able to rescue her, but are unable to arrest her for her role in the plot due to diplomatic immunity.

McGee is left to wonder if Adriana really did have feelings for him or if it was all just an act.

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Teleplay by : Steven D. Binder Story by : Steven Kriozere. The discovery of some extracted teeth and dismembered digits in a purse results in an NCIS investigation when they are identified as belonging to a Marine. As the team tries to track down the killer, an investigator from an electronic security firm guest star Jason Beghe arrives, having traced the source of a number of computer hackings to NCIS. This makes McGee nervous as he had regularly illegally hacked into government computers under Gibbs' orders.

The team manages to track down Maxine guest star Beth Riesgraf , who is the dead Marine's girlfriend and is an avid gamer and computer expert. She begins to take a liking to McGee.

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However, McGee tries to maintain his distance due to the events in "Defiance". She reveals that she had accidentally uncovered some sort of encrypted code in an MMORPG which turns out to be a program capable of hacking the Pentagon. The team tracks down the programmer responsible and shuts down his program, but he is found dead. Gibbs and McGee deduce that the investigator that arrived earlier was behind the killings, since news of such a threat to American security could ruin his career.

Michael Weatherly. NCIS discovers that one of its former investigative assistants found brutally stabbed to death was selling details for how to rob a warehouse full of valuable possessions. Waild Story by : Leon Carroll, Jr. Director Vance has Gibbs and his team assigned to the case of a drug-addicted teenager accused of patricide. Gibbs begins to question Vance's motives when the NCIS team begin to find inconsistencies in the investigation that lead him to believe his suspect is innocent.


Although,the use of PRBCs is relatively safe and effective in correcting anemia, there are significant logistical issues, which hinder their use by the combat medic. Should she become the Faery Queen or should she risk stealing the kingdom for herself? By using fantastic devices it is actually possible to manipulate subtext. In addition to the theme that Socrates corrupts the youth, we therefore also find in the Clouds the origin of the rumor that Socrates makes the stronger argument the weaker and the weaker argument the stronger. Places differ in terms of how frequently chance encounters offer the rewards or provocations that elicit violent behavior, how easily one can obtain lethal weapons, and how likely a passerby is to interfere in a violent encounter.

Tensions between Gibbs and Vance — fuelled by budget cuts and re-assignments in previous episodes — come to a head when Vance admits the victim was a close friend. After a lengthy investigation, NCIS discover that the boy's runaway mother had recently tried to re-enter his life, and killed his father in a rage when he refused to let the two meet.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. The first romance I remember reading was Mrs. Deadly Reflection (Deadly Triad Book 1) - Kindle edition by Nancy Kay. Deadly Reflection (The Deadly Triad Book 1) - Kindle edition by Nancy Kay. Romance Kindle eBooks @

Kevin Rodney Sullivan. A dying message from a naval officer attached to the Defense Intelligence Agency leads Gibbs' team in search of a manuscript containing military information. As the team investigates further, they find the body of a murdered FBI agent, and discover that both victims were involved in the writing of a book exposing secret anti-terrorist operations. However, the team is forced to track down the anonymous author of the book when Navy intelligence officers destroy all copies of the book.

With the author's help who is also a former Marine Lieutenant who was discharged for a failed anti-terrorist operation , they manage to arrest an arms dealer who had stolen a shipment of military weapons, but find out that she wasn't the killer. With this new information, as well as new evidence from Abby, Gibbs deduces that the FBI agent's husband is the killer, since he mistakenly believed that his wife was having an affair.

As a minor story, Gibbs gets an invitation to a wedding, and throws it in the bin. Tony spends the entire episode trying to figure out who it is from. It turns out it was from one of his ex-wives the same wife who married and divorced Fornell. The body of a seaman is found wrapped in plastic and doused with a hospital-grade cleanser, hallmarks of a serial killer known as the "Port-to-Port" killer who kills service personnel when they make landfall. Vance creates a task force to catch the killer, appointing Barrett as lead investigator as she had been tracking the killer since he struck in Rota, Spain.

After several dead ends and the discovery of another victim bringing the known total to five , the episode ends with Ziva and DiNozzo in a bar, discovering a human eyeball floating in a glass of gin and tonic sent by an unidentified patron. Complications arise when the killer himself is found dead in an apparent car accident, but Ducky claims it was impossible for him to have committed the murder that was caught on tape as he died two days earlier; eventually the team discovers the real killer was using an advanced silicone mask to impersonate the deceased so he could tamper with evidence implicating him in a botched special forces mission.

Meanwhile, after trying to figure out the mystery of the eye from "Two-Faced", E.