Dear Momma: Love Letters to Heaven

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To Heaven with Diana! Letters to Merlin in Feline Heaven. Dear Momma Love Letters to Heaven. Letters to Heaven.

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Dear Momma: Love Letters to Heaven [Patricia Annette Tompkins Dunaway] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One hot July day, on a. Dear Momma: Love Letters to Heaven () by Patricia Annette Tompkins Dunaway.

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Along those lines, be sure the Mother starts to value productivity above everything else. Have her wake up early and work non-stop until bedtime. If the husband relaxes in the evening with an hour of computer gaming, be sure the wife notices the pile of unfolded laundry or unswept floors.

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The pain that I feel for the separation I have from my children could have been permanent. Elisa says:. I wish so badly that every one of my readers would eventually be blessed with a child, but everyone's story is different. New York: Checkmark Books, pp. To hear more about. Official Charts Company.

Do not let her grab a book and relax alongside her husband. Convince her that as long as there is a shred of work to be done and there always is , no one should be resting.

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Then, as she folds and sweeps and he sits, you can introduce the sweet bitterness of resentment. A word of caution here.

A Letter to My Mama, From Your Baby in Heaven

Remember, the love of a husband can be dangerous to our cause. If he senses her unhappiness, he may begin to help or even worse show her affection. This is where previously planted seeds of resentment can be guided into full bloom.

go here Do not let her view his help with the dishes or kisses or cuddling as having pure motives. If he shows his desire for her, convince her that she is being used, not loved.

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As we both know, the ultimate Act of Marriage can bond them together in a way that can undo much hard work on our part. Because of this, do not allow her to prioritize that Act on her mental to-do-list. Lovely little opportunities for us, the children, especially the little ones. We all know that children are a favorite tool of the Enemy.

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He calls them Blessings and Gifts and calls parents to lay down their lives for them, just as his Son did. Insane, I know. We must convince her that the obnoxious little people she has charge of are not really worth her sacrifice. When the Mother first dreamed of having children, she probably imagined large, innocent eyes and chubby, happy grins taking up the majority of her days.

Do your best to shatter those expectations. Let them take and take and take… And need and need and need, until the Mother feels totally spent. Let them start crying at the same time for the most irrational of reasons.

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Let the noise bother her.