His Mission on Earth

The Mission of Jesus Christ
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He works in popular science, music production, theater and CSR. Passionate and active in the interactive and interdisciplinary use of arts and technologies as new social tools.

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NYADO is a social production house — an international collective connecting artists and changemakers to create mainstream content, designed to reach out to the general public and inspire them about social and environmental action. It is a mix between a song, a short film and a social campaign, in which fiction and reality merge to create a compelling audiovisual experience.

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A NYADO anthem takes inspiration from a real story in the modern world, looking at it from the perspective of future generations. Storytellers have been portraying the past and the future since the dawn of mankind.

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NYADO reveals the incredible stories and ideas of the pioneers who will one day be seen as the legends of our times. Where was the launch? More anthems? Who is involved? Social Media handle-. Before becoming the first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong, who was born here in Wapakoneta, Ohio, served as a naval aviator.

German astronaut Alexander Gerst returns to Earth from ISS, again

Armstrong would go on to teach Aerospace Engineering at the University of Cincinnati. Born Edwin Aldrin, Jr. The West Point graduate and former combat pilot — he flew 66 missions in Korea — became the first astronaut with a doctorate. As the son of a career Army officer, Michael Collins was born in Italy and traveled to many places as a young man — but he never set foot on the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission.

here He remained in orbit as the pilot of the command module Columbia. In , he was the pilot of the three-day Gemini 10 mission.

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Astronauts also learned to walk, run and perform other tasks while feeling the effects of the moon's gravity. The Apollo 11 crew extensively practiced water egress upon splashdown — when a spacecraft lands in a body of water by parachute — two months prior to the real thing.

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A replica command module was lowered into the Gulf of Mexico and flipped over. The astronauts also changed into their biological isolation garments B.

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Eight years after President John F. Concluding the final countdown, the Chief of Public Information and Public Affairs Officer Jack King mistakenly said "all engine running" instead of "all engines running" — a clear sign that tensions were running high as this momentous mission launched.

Jesus – His Mission on Earth

Jesus continued His work until He knew it was time to finish His mission on earth. Then He ate a meal with His disciples and went to the Garden of Gethsemane. Learn about Jesus' mission to the world and why He came to earth? There is no surer sign of Christ's divinity than years after His death people and.

After nearly hours in space, the lunar module landed on the moon's surface in the Sea of Tranquility on July 20, Neil Armstrong radioed, "Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.

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Happi Earth boss on his mission to save mangroves May 23, You can sign up to receive it directly here. Even in the Bible, people asked, "Who is Jesus? Alexander Gerst press conference: Houston, we have a problem! I had told many of of my friends and family members about this product and had urged them to buy it, as another measure we could implement to protect the environment for our children. This is, after all, His planet.

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