How To Talk To Your Kids & Grandkids: 10 Secrets To Being The Grandmother Everyone Adores

55 Things Grandparents Should Never Do
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As an adult I treated my supervisors with courtesy and respect and received the same in return. No one made me nervous to speak with as I always knew we are the same in the larger picture…Human.

This Is What Children with Asperger’s Syndrome Wish You Knew

There are so many things my parents taught me, but, one that comes to mind is something my dad shared with me right before I got married:. True love is a choice, not an emotion. My wife and I have been through hard times, but choosing to love, instead of making decisions based on our feelings, has kept us together and kept our relationship strong. From my mother: Just to be your quirky self. She had a crazy young-adult life ignorance is bliss, to me. My Dad learned me that I can do almost everything if I really decide to do it.

He always believes in my capabilities which helped me to come up with the effort to do big and overhelming projects. So in short, if you are willing to put up the effort you can do it! From my Mom I got that relationships are the most important thing, if its with family or friends.

Which means as well supporting your loved ones in whatever situation they are. What an amazing question indeed! The most important thing I learned from my parents, like Ramit, is also the value of hard work. As a working single mother of three with an extremely demanding job, my mother has always been an inspiration to me. Although she is far from perfect, I watched her sacrifice incredibly to give myself and my siblings the best opportunities she could. My Dad died when he was 55 seven years younger than I am now.

He would beat me as well, and from that I learned never to hit my son. My Dad should have known better; he had a Ph. On the positive side, he did teach me to read the newspaper every day, and I still do.

I think about this question a lot actually. My mother died suddenly when I was very young and though it has always been something sad in my life because of that loss of security and love, I am grateful. She has taught me that life can end today, so pursue what makes your light the brightest because you can be gone at any moment. She also has taught me that the people that pass are still connected to you.

They check in on you and communicate with you and in some instances protect you. Another thing she has taught me that I am grateful for is that what you do in every moment is your legacy.

5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Grandchild

My entire life has been laced with stories of my Mom. People remember the things that made them laugh or changed their life and these acts are small! She reminds me that one lit candle lights 1, and sometimes just making people laugh or giving a good piece of advice is all the light people need. My father who is no more on this mother earth has taught me many lessons in my life that would always be my directing principle.

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How To Talk To Your Kids Grandkids 10 Secrets To Being The Grandmother Everyone Adores. Therefore Strictly From God A Godly Man s Guidance to His. How To Talk To Your Kids Grandkids 10 Secrets To Being The Grandmother Everyone Adores Strictly From God A Godly Man s Guidance to His Family and.

I am 20 and have many responsibilities but his words gives me the strength when it comes. My mother always been the generous one tells me never to cheat,lie or steal. My father and mother made me what I am today. Both of my parents are immigrants. Despite the difficulties and hardships, my parents provided for my siblings and I everything I needed; food, water, shelter. I never went to bed hungry. And stealing was nothing honorable.

I was to be content and grateful with what I had. When I was younger, I may have wanted a nice car, or nicer clothes, but now I see what my parents drove at. Both my parents are hard workers. They taught me to not believe I am owed anything. It got me thinking why am I NOT entitled?

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Thanks mom and dad! Both my parents are very loyal and look out for their families. They both take care of their parents and I really respect them for that. Family is very important to me. Both my parents laugh at themselves and the ones they love. When I was younger it would make me mad because I would take things far too personally. Which brings me to a basketball lesson from my father. Back in high school, when I was a freshman…I got on the varsity basketball team…just barely.

I mostly played JV, but I would go in at the end of most games. Sounds crazy, I know…but it got me into the paper in the stats.

How To Bring Out the Best In Your Kids And Others ( Part 1) with Rick Warren

Nothing flagrant, just get in there and do something. This lesson taught me that in order to really be in the game, not only are going to make mistakes, you should welcome them. Even if you played an elegant game…who wants that!? NO ONE. Again, life is messy. So why not just go ahead and mess up. At least you, and the rest of the world will know you were alive.


The experiences and memories I have are priceless but even more so, it gave me the opportunity to become a well-rounded and open-minded individual…one that I continue to this day as I always want to try and learn new things. Work hard and be ethical in whatever you do. You may not make great money my father worked for the Union Pacific railroad all his life and my mom worked for a company for nearly 30 years as a CSR , but you will feel fulfilled knowing you are working hard and doing the right thing.

My dad is the one guy in the neighborhood who would give you the shirt off his back. My mom would spend hours cooking and baking if someone was sick, or just if she thought it would make their day better. The more you give to others, the better you can help yourself. We were not well off growing up, but we fished, hunted, and camped together.

We never had a fancy vacation, except that one time we road tripped to Disneyland, but the time we spent together was worth everything. My parents encouraged me to grow my talents, while maintaining realistic expectations and telling me it would take work to make it work for me. From a young age I had a savings account that I would put some of my earnings into throughout elementary school, middle school, high school, and college.

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I lost sight of that for a while, but never got into too much debt. This proves to be exact right on over and over again. Wish you all to have that! Work hard for what you want. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish whatever you want. Be a conscientious worker. Do the right thing; help people. To be intellectually curious.

They also always talked about serious matters with us politics, history, values, doing the right thing, geography, feminism, science , even at a young age. Taking a driving vacation out west to visit relatives is better than Disney any day. What I learned from my mother is what not to do. As far as my father, I did not meet him until I was older.


We have set up some simple, but engaging features in the backyard that keep them get engaged. I remember 1 Scout meeting hearing the scouts describe their camping and hiking. I think being outdoors is absolutely critical - appreciating nature and such. The best thing I learned from my parents was how they valued education. And how do your kids address their grandparents? Eleanor Frances May 9, at pm Reply. Other parents and grandparents we know talk of the difficulty of getting their little ones to bed, after hours of digital stimulation.