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And then I will go on to share why I think these skills are latent within each of us and that my divine destiny is to inspire and help others remember and uncover their own authentic path and supernatural powers. Costa Rica is infamous for its myriad creepy crawly insects that take-on colossal sizes and variations. I have learned to navigate and maybe even feel comfortable within the insect world. For example, I have been bitten by scorpions over various parts of my body at least 10 times, and while you might think one builds a resistance to the venom, the reality is that it seems to be more intense each time.

The last time I was stung was equivalent to a full-on acid trip. So I cancelled my morning Yoga class and resigned to move through it as elegantly as possible who needs psychedelics when you got venomous creatures happy to inject you.

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Leil Lowndes. You get to feel that good. Schedule your free call to make sure it's the right fit for you! This is an immersive space for you to do the work, heal and grow on an energetic level so you call in the life you want effortlessly. Terri Ann Leidich. Continue shopping. A community that backs her every step of the way, holds her to higher standards and keeps her accountable!

Spiders come in Uber-size here in the jungle and they have no concept of where your house begins and their territory ends nor should they. I have gotten particularly adept at removing hairy tarantulas the size of my head out of my bedroom as unharmed as possible. I recall one night when I had a boyfriend, he jumped on the bed screaming in terror and left me to do the dirty work!! I have learned to be calm in the face of my reactive fears and accept that we are simply a part of this whole wonderful matrix of beings trying to make the best of it.

Now I am not particularly a good driver, but I have learned to maneuver through some of the worst road conditions a third world country can offer Costa Rica is not officially a 3rd world country but their roads are. Not only does one have to have their eyes peeled for potholes the size of the Great Lakes, but around any corner there could be a herd of cattle or the random horse just cruising down the middle of the road.

Drivers are totally unpredictable and will try and pass you on a blind curve or just plain stop dead in the center of the street to say hello to a neighbor. In order to survive on the roads one must exhibit laser-sharp focus and quick reflexes some protective Mantras chanted along the way may be a good idea too.

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We all experience a wide range of emotions throughout the day… it is one of the beautiful aspects of being human and full of feelings. Mindfulness practices like Yoga and meditation can help us to find a sense of un-attachment to the constantly changing inner landscape of our emotional body. My alternative lifestyle has pushed me to learn to step-back from intense situations to assess more clearly through a calm and patient lens. The word patience comes to mind whenever I think about my life here in Costa Rica, and anyone who has spent time here knows that there is a pace of life completely different from what most of us are used to.

Along with patience comes to mind the idea of acceptance, and this is where my story gets very serious. Over seventeen years ago, while driving along the isolated dirt roads that led one from our small beach town to the nearby village where we had to go to do things like banking, doctor visits, weekly grocery shopping, etc my car lost control and flipped over in a full degree roll. I was driving with my 10 month old son and my mother.

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My baby did not make it, and he died from head injuries a few hours later in a nearby clinic. My mother was knocked unconscious and spent 3 weeks in the hospital recuperating from concussions. I was left nearly unscathed physically, but had to endure the most heartbreaking loss that any human being can go through: the loss of a child. This wound, though healed, is always and forever a part of who I am. It lies underneath the surface of my smiling face and light-filled laughter that fortunately I have discovered once again after years of grieving and sorrow. The list of what I have learned from this loss goes on and I am continually realizing that within myself is an inner strength and fortitude beyond what I could have ever imagined existed. I know that nothing in this life is permanent, and that all life must eventually return to its Source whatever you may believe that to be. I strive to live a life full of passion and desire and light, while not denying that darkness is a necessary component to the wholeness of this embodied existence.

There have been so many other things to push me deeper into wholeness and allow me to awaken my superpowers and personal master within.