Multiculturalism and Education (Contemporary Issues in Education Studies)

The Debate Over Multicultural Education in America
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Multicultural Education: Overview

Committed to promoting educational equity for diverse students, cross-cultural understanding, and global justice for marginalized people in all levels of education, including leadership and policies, IJME publishes three types of articles: 1 empirical research reports that explicitly address multicultural educational issues and typically engages qualitative research methods in robust manners if specified in the call for submissions, some special issues may accept quantitative studies ; 2 conceptual and theoretical articles, typically grounded on in-depth literature review, which advance theories and scholarship of multicultural education; and 3 praxis articles that discuss successful multicultural education practices grounded on sound theories and literature.

We particularly encourage submissions resulted from meaningful and ethical collaboration among international scholars and practitioners. Submissions that advance from prescreening will be subject to originality-testing and double-blind review. The institutional sponsors and the voluntary service of international editors and reviewers have enabled IJME to provide the open-access content to the global community with no subscription fees to readers and no article processing fees to authors.

We ask you to use IJME content according to the fair use principle and to cite it properly to help us continue with the open-access operation. User Username Password Remember me. I believe one of our primary roles as educators is to interrupt the cycle of inequality and oppression.

The Debate Over Multicultural Education in America

We can do this best by teaching well and with heart and soul. In this text, she creatively engages readers in a critical exploration of how multicultural education can have a substantive and positive impact on the education of all students.

Multiculturalism and Children's Literature

They felt that this type of teaching denied students the knowledge of contributions by people of color, women, and other oppressed groups. By engaging students in activities that follow the lines of their multicultural curriculum, they can open up young minds while making learning fun. La frontera is a place where cultures can collide creatively or destructively. The resources that are cited include foundational and conceptual research and contemporary analyses. Ramirez, G. Liberation literacy: Literacy and empowerment in marginalized American texts.

Like prior editions of the book, Nieto uses student case studies to illustrate the importance of implementing multicultural education that confronts issues of difference, power, and privilege in schools. Through student voices, she addresses how educators can challenge racism and other biases, as well as inequitable structures, policies, and practices of schools.

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As a former classroom teacher and current professor, Nieto states up front her assumptions that drive the creation of and analysis in this text. First, she believes that multicultural education is for everyone regardless of race, language, social class, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and other differences. Third, Nieto believes that public education is the last and best hope for many students today to have a better life, and that we should do all that we can to fight for it and defend it.

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Readers will find several new creations in the fourth edition of this book. Nieto addresses some concerns of gay and lesbian students in this edition by including a case study of a lesbian high school student. These portraits address critical aspects of social and cultural diversity that are missing in the other case studies presented.

The book is divided into three parts spanning eleven chapters. In Part One, Nieto discusses her rationale for using the case study approach ch.

In chapter two, she defines racial terms e. Part Two of the book draws from thirteen case studies in chs.

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Each case study is linked to themes in each chapter.