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This hot bear shifter has never met a girl he can't have until now. Abigail is too preoccupied to focus on dating. She's new in town and busy hiding her younger brother who has a pesky habit of turning into a wild uncontrollable lion. As interesting as the hot muscular guy who keeps hitting on her may be, she can't get into a relationship and risk exposing her brother's secret. But when Abigail's brother gets her evicted from their home, they have only one place they can go, and they'll all have to find out if lions can play nice with grizzly bears.

And that's just Kneecap in his human form. His savage grizzly bear on the other hand Nora Marchesi has come to Montana to find her sister. What she didn't come to find was a naked caveman stalking her through the forest, but that's exactly what she gets. He has long hair to his shoulders, a long beard to his chest, and a long you-know-what to his knees. And for some reason, he seems to have a big crush on her. Redemption Creek's most savage grizzly bear is in a constant battle with his human companion Kneecap.

Will they be able to work together to charm the pretty girl who is running away from them screaming? And when old enemies come to visit, will Kneecap's new civilized manner be enough to stop them? Nothing is stronger than a bond between twin bear shifters. Well, except maybe a hot curvy veterinarian named Zoe. While in a two-year-long cold streak, Zoe gets propositioned by two gorgeous bear shifters.

They may be into sharing, but Zoe is a one-man kind of woman and she's not about to change that no matter how good looking these guys are. When they're forced to go on separate dates, Tito and Ronin wage an epic battle full of sabotage and shenanigans in order to be the one that Zoe chooses. But after both dates go disastrously wrong, will Zoe even want either of them? And if she does, are Tito and Ronin prepared to give up on their destiny of a shared mate?

At least not while Maximus is still there. A panty melting combination to be sure. River was such a fun character to learn about. She was sweet and slow to trust. I was able to easily connect to her as a narrator because the girl overthought everything. She had a rough past with men and was cautious and careful.

She was also sassy as all hell and not afraid to stand up for herself. All wonderful traits in a female lead. I loved getting to see the relationship develop between River and Alex as they navigated their relationship post vacation. Their story actually featured an all time favorite trope of mine!

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The best part of this book though? Particularly the Bishop brothers. The epilogue has me so so so hooked and ready for their next release Needing Him. It promises to be an epic book and features another of my favorite tropes. I am so excited! The Bobbsey. The Bobbsey Twins on a Ranch.

The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk audiobook

Taming Him started out hot and heavy and developed into a sweet and loving romance story that hooked me. Jan 30, bookmarkbelles rated it really liked it. I love a good cowboy romance and I was anxiously waiting for this series to be written. Sooo of course I had high expectations going into Taming Him. After that we meet Alex and Dylan and I immediately loved their banter and easy going friendship. I was giddy at this point It was looking like this was going to be a phenomenal read. Then Dylan and Alex take a trip to Key west and thats where Alex meets River and thats where it started to fall apart a bit for me.

I felt like their relationship was too easy. I know they only had two weeks together, so of course it would be some sort of an insta love story, but I guess I was looking for some push and pull between them for a bit before they fell into bed together.


It was just so hard to relate and connect to their relationship for me. Without giving anything away Alex and River come together in Texas and then it starts to feel like this book is the Cowboy Romance that my heart was wanting. I really loved the last half of the book but couldnt ignore the way I felt about not connecting with Alex and River when they were on vacation that I had to give it a 3. It could also just be me,and im sure thats the case since I seem to be in the minority with my rating.

Does this mean I wont be continuing with this series? We may have hit a bump in the road but I still feel like the Bishop boys will be my ruin. Okay, maybe just one! I couldnt help myself. You would understand if you read TH! We already know that the next book will be Evan's since his story has already been set up at the end of TH and let me tell you.. The way it was set up had me intrigued and left me wanting more, so I cant wait. But who comes after? My fingers are crossed that will be Jackson's cause my heart wont be able to handle the slow and torturous wait.

Jan 29, Sarah - Musings of the Modern Belle rated it really liked it. I swear he could charm the pants off of anyone with that southern accent. Every single time he said darlin' or sweetheart or hit River with the perfect line, I just wanted to crawl inside the screen and cuddle up to him. Alex Bishop is the perfect blend of southern gentleman and dirty cowboy. He is guaranteed to have readers swooning with this confidence and gentlemanly nature.

His charisma draws you in and his fun-loving nature makes you want to stay. Plus, like all the other Kennedy Fox heroes, this man is the perfect amount of dominant in the bedroom, and his skills only make him that much more delectable. He is the total package, and he rivals their other male characters for my favorite KF hero. I adore River's personality. She has the right balance of snark and sweet.

Although she sees herself as being stolid, readers don't really see that. A majority of the novel is spent with her best friend, and the rest of the novel is spent with Alex, who is able to pull emotions out of her. When she is with him, she is adventurous and fun-loving.

There are moments when doubts creep in for her as result of past experiences, but her relationship with other characters in the novel help to see her through. Her reward is finding the group of people she can call family.

In typical Kennedy Fox fashion, the chemistry between their hero and heroine is off the charts. Their time on vacation is filled with some of the hottest scenes I seriously want to know if the water scene can actually happen, because WOW , and they also had insane banter, which makes them so much fun to read about.

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There are so many opportunities for it, but these conflicts are quickly introduced and resolved. I wanted them to be bigger and to test the strength of the relationship between Alex and River. The story is still fun and incredibly entertaining with the antics of the Bishop brothers and the electricity that always seems to hum when Alex and River are together, and the resolution is the happily-ever-after that Kennedy Fox always delivers.

Taming Him is another great start to the new standalone series, The Bishop Brothers. Kennedy Fox once again delivers characters are lovely, a relationship that is scorching, and the plot entertains readers. It definitely makes me crave more time with the Bishop family in Texas. I could not put this book down! Whenever I pick up a book by this amazing duo, I always tell myself to take it slow and savor every word. I will admit, I failed at the taking it slow part but I enjoyed the heck out of it!

I might have read this story quickly but I promise I savored every single part of this amazing story! Part 1 had me wishing I was in Key West with the group, having a blast on the beach. Then Part 2 hit, and I was more consumed than I thought possible. I wanted to be with these characters, living life right alongside them.

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Their relationship was so amazing to watch begin, struggle, and grow. Alex is the southern boy who was raised right by his mama. He has manners but also has a dirty mouth; a combination to die for. River was a sweet and amazingly strong character. When one of my favorite tropes of all time is wrapped up with everything else I loved about this story, it was a surefire hit for me. Watching River and Alex nagitate through their relationship and the bumps that are thrown in the road was amazing and SO fun!

Even though her brothers are front and center now, I hope that continues in the books to come. Grateful to have received a complimentary ARC copy to honestly review. Jan 31, Morelia Strandedinbooks rated it really liked it.

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