The Scientific Revolution Reshapes the World

The Meaning of the Scientific and Technological Revolution
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Asia China and Japan : s: a closed or semi-closed system to maintain existent social hierarchy; where government office was worshipped by the people and technology and commerce were treated lightly by the state. Based on Hermetic theory: a divine spirit present in all the material things in the world.

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And the job of the natural philosopher was to capture these divine messages. A completely secular approach to science, treating the world as consisting of a rational, knowable order. Why was mathematics so important to the scientists of the 16 th and early 17 th centuries?

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Bacon was the first recipient of the Queen's counsel designation, which was conferred in when Elizabeth I of England reserved Bacon as her legal advisor. For Kuhn the internalist, the technical goals of science are endogenously generated and change over time, rapidly during revolutions. Nersessian herself , emphasizes model-based reasoning. It's revealing a new way to control matter, one that resembles nature's strategy for building. In short, specialization is speciation, a scientific progress heightens communication breakdown.

Implied in the Hermetic theory is independent search for truth instead of accepting established truth; mathematics enabled independent thinking beyond a mere reading of the scriptures. Mathematical conclusion can be publicly arrived at and publicly demonstrated, encouraging social consensus. What were the main contributions of Copernicus, Brahe, Kepler, Galileo, and Newton to new scientific ways of thinking of the universe? Copernicus: changed the view of the universe from geo-centric to helio-centric. Earth moved in perfect circles around sun.

Brahe: in Denmark,. Changed established view of the stars. Royal patronage. Galileo: telescope to see the moon; inertia: contradicts the traditional belief that objects are naturally at rest; the state of motion is just as natural as the state of rest. Newton: Universal law of gravity; calculus; nature of light; mathematical rules of the three laws of motion: inertia, acceleration, action and reaction; the universe was infinite and had no center. What is meant by the Copernican-Newtonian paradigm?

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Science defined, rather than God defined, universe. Mathematics and observations constituted science. God created the universe; science defined it; science is a body of laws created by God to govern the universe.

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After creation God retreated to backstage and allowed the laws to run on their own. Helio-centric, instead of centered around the earth. The earth revolved around the sun in an elliptic circle at different speeds from different distances, which also followed mathematical rules. The stars were made of matter just like the earth and had imperfect surfaces.

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What does "I think, therefore I am" mean? What are the four main principles of his method. He bridged physics and mathematics: by reducing the whole world to mathematical representation.

click He also bridged observation and legitimacy by connecting observation through mathematics. Furthermore, he justified truth through mathematics and observation by connection with God.


Begin with a clear and distinct idea based on math. Then you seek it in reality because it will sure be there.

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Deism: an influential interpretation of Christianity in the 17 th to 18 th centuries. Deists believed in the existence of God, but they usually thought very highly of human beings, who could either share in the power of God, or exercise an active role in the world while God retreated to the backstage.

Descartes, on the other hand, was more a good Catholic than a Deist. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history.

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