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Another main difference between the Time Machine novels and the Choose Your Own Adventure counterparts was hints offered at certain junctures, where the reader was advised to look at hints at the back of the book. An example was in Mission to World War II about the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, where the reader was given the choice of starting the mission in the Jewish ghetto or the Aryan part of Warsaw, in which the hint read "Hitler may have had Jewish family members", suggesting the reader should begin in the Jewish section of the city, but not ordering it, or it was possible for the hint to be missed.

The line spawned a brief spin-off series for younger readers, the Time Traveler novels. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Time Machine disambiguation. It's also quite challenging, with lots of opportunities to get stuck in a loop. It's fairly well-written and designed but not exceptional. Its most notable feature is that, like Sword of the Samurai , it allows you to choose which items to bring along before you begin.

Michael Clay Thompson: Literature Trilogies - Series by Royal Fireworks Press

Translations: Portuguese , Spanish My Thoughts: This is probably the most unusual book in the series. The option of visiting the future is certainly a change of pace from the rest of the series, though the book manages to maintain a similar style to the other books - the future world feels almost as well developed as the historically-based pasts of other volumes. There aren't any entirely new ideas here, but this is still one of the best sci-fi gamebooks I've read by far. Translations: Portuguese , Spanish My Thoughts: This is a fairly interesting book; it's not all that different from the earlier dinosaur-related book in structure, but the subject matter is less familiar.

Translations: French , Italian , Portuguese , Spanish My Thoughts: Like the first book in the series, this is a fairly easy book to get through, but it's definitely an entertaining read. There's a bit of challenge towards the end, but it's not too hard to get through the book fairly quickly. Translations: Spanish My Thoughts: This book bears a certain resemblance to Sword of the Samurai both in its mission to retrieve a weapon of historical significance and in the way it forces the reader to choose an item to take along before beginning the adventure.

The portion of history covered by the book is perhaps a bit familiar at least to survivors of the American public school system , and the facts presented don't cover much new ground, but this is made up for by good writing and a few effective moments of humor. The subject matter is dealt with effectively and the gameplay is somewhat challenging without being frustrating; wrong choices sometimes lead to interesting situations.

Search for the Nile Author: Robert W. It isn't as strong as it could be as far as characterization and dealing with sensitive issues are concerned, though it's certainly not terrible.

Carol Gaskin

It's also one of the most challenging books in the series to get through, though not necessarily for particularly logical reasons. Finally, it allows at least one law of time to be broken, and it seems to bend one or two others; this is interesting, but it strains the book's believability a bit. All in all, this is pleasantly different and interestingly educational, but its flaws are definitely noticeable. The blue-covered picture above is a Perma-Bound library edition of the book. It shows the same love of rhyme and wordplay displayed in some of those books, though the context of Elizabethan England makes these tendencies feel considerably less jarring.

The book is also notable since it rather unambiguously suggests that the reader's character's gender is male though at one point you can successfully impersonate the voice of a female ghost. This lack of gender neutrality is particularly interesting considering the book's female author. On a whole, the book isn't exceptional, but it is good, and its final revelations are definitely satisfying and, to a degree, thought-provoking; Queen Elizabeth's life certainly wasn't simple Translations: Spanish My Thoughts: This isn't a bad gamebook, but it's slightly weak for this series.

Some of the jumps to previously read sections are a bit awkward and the option before the story begins of bringing or not bringing a red scarf is pointless and wastes time.

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Translations: Italian My Thoughts: This book is quite good; it takes a refreshingly direct approach to an ugly topic, and it doesn't sweeten things excessively just because it's a children's book. Its storyline is also nicely constructed, allowing all of its pieces to fall into place in a satisfying manner even though they are revealed non-linearly. All of this is helped by the attractively-shaded illustrations, which are a nice change of pace from the line drawings found in so many gamebooks.

The individual books:

In any case, despite these flaws of writing, it's a pretty good story and, like Sword of the Samurai , it deals with significant historical figures unfamiliar to many Americans particularly the children this series is aimed at. We love all the characters; Baldwin is a hoot! Master of Karate This is a monument built to commemorate the great Sphinxdeer, a mighty Egyptian reindeer who used to help pull the sandy sleigh of Santachamun during the most special night of the year for the folk of Egypt. You could get this in the locations of the 'Adventurer of the Year' quests. Secret of the Dolphins It looks like in Ivan, this competition biggest difficulty will lie in Harry will resist Cho Chang Autumn will open, Ginny must to fighting Michael Corner, their two must, or was competed beside disturbance, cannot turn on the water because of the sentimental reason intentionally

Like some other books in the series, this one requires the reader to select an item to take along before beginning the story. Unfortunately, this is the source of the book's biggest flaw -- unless the right item is picked, the book becomes an infinite loop and yes, I have a map to prove it. This certainly increases the challenge of the book, but it also seems more than a little arbitrary, and it renders later references to different items totally pointless since the reader could not possibly have more than the one necessary object. Perhaps this whole aspect of the book is the result of an error somewhere along the line Translations: Italian , Spanish My Thoughts: This book finally deals in depth with a topic that has been briefly visited in several previous volumes: the exploration of the New World.

For some reason, this isn't a subject which I've ever found terribly exciting I just can't tell any of those explorers apart! Eventually, though, I did enjoy the story and find this to be a fairly satisfying read.

The Mud Trilogy Set with Parent Manual

Grade: 3, 4. Order code: I'm reading them aloud to my son, as I don't want to miss out. We love all the characters; Baldwin is a hoot! Following requests for more about these characters, he decided that Mud the Fish should have a series of adventures of his own. The novels are described as classic word novels, designed to introduce young readers to the literary words Michael identified in his classic words vocabulary research. They are full-length books around pages each , exuberant, funny, and abounding in alliteration and other poetic techniques. Difficult words are defined at the bottom of each page.

The books are illustrated with charming drawings. The parent manual includes a short essay by Michael about each novel, a list of strategies and activities for children to do, vocabulary words to study in advance of the readings, quotations for quote quizzes, and discussion questions. This book is part of a series; see the series description.

The teacher manual includes a short essay by Michael about each novel, a list of strategies and activities for students to do, vocabulary words to study in advance of the readings, quotations for quote quizzes, and discussion questions. There is also an iBook Implementation Manual.

ISBN: Also an iBook from iTunes. In The Rescue at Fragment Crag , the first novel in the Mud Trilogy, we meet Mud again, along with Fidget the cricket, his subject-verb friend; Oopsy and Daisy, the pelicans who taught him the parts of the sentence; Click the sandpiper; Clack the lobster; Herman the kingfisher; and Merv the mouse.

They are joined by Turner the turtle, Baldwin the bellicose and eccentric big-horn beetle, and Marjorie Harbinger, the vivacious wave who brings news of a problem on Fragment Crag, where little Click is injured and has become trapped. Fragment Crag is a fearsome, isolated crag where all thoughts are fragments, and an evil rat nearly succeeds in eating Click for dinner.

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After the rescue there is a falling out among the animals, who only know part of what happened. And they forget that rats can swim.

Bestselling Series

There is another attack and another rescue, after which everyone reflects on what it means to be part of a group and to work together to support one another. Michael writes: "A national neglect of formal vocabulary instruction has left many children unable to read standard books that have been the favorites of children for generations, and so you will find these words emphasized in this trilogy, with definitions at the bottoms of the pages so that the vocabulary is not an obstacle but a treat.

Mud the Fish and his friends are back to battle the forces of nature around them on Sentence Island. They are enjoying a peaceful life and reflecting on the meaning of words, on the two sides of sentences, and on the importance of thinking clearly. They experiment with various true and untrue sentences, grammar notwithstanding.

A fish is an animal. All fish are animals.

Secret of the Knights (1984)

A series of near calamities throws everything into disarray—a tsunami, a red tide, and then a waterspout. The red tide coincides with a distinguished visitor, Queequack, the famous paragraph expert, and Mud has to convince everyone that the two are not connected.

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Secret of the Royal Treasure (Time Machine, No. 13) [Carol Gaskin] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Readers journey back through time. Time Machine The Secret of the Royal Treasure - Kindle edition by Carol Gaskin. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

After the waterspout they learn that everything has to be in its rightful place. Then a tall, green stranger arrives on their shore to tell them that their disasters are a result of poor leadership. If they obey him, the mantis tells them, and echo his words, he will solve all their problems. He is a devious character and demands absolute loyalty with no questions asked. Daisy the pelican, Clack, and Mud do not fall for his false words and manage to persuade the others by using the logic they have all learned.

As the great waterbird Benjamin Frankloon once said, "We must all stick together, or we will all get stuck separately. In the third novel of the Mud Trilogy, Mud discovers to his dismay that the other animals have been infected with a virus that destroys their altruism and makes them greedy and selfish. This cannot continue, and Mud must embark on a perilous adventure to Nothing Atoll to find the Shadow Maker in order to procure a shake of shock-shade, a glowing jungle fern that opens only at midnight. Marjorie the wave tells him that he has to take Fishmeal along, the paragraph duck who studied under the great Queequack and who holds the secret of organization.

At the last minute they are joined by Baldwin the beetle on a raft that takes them across a bioluminescent sea to the atoll. They meet strange creatures called aye-ayes who help them and who even suggest that they might like to stay on Nothing Atoll with nothing to do but live a long, pleasant life of comfort. But Mud remembers his friends and their mission to save them from the virus.

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A plan is formed to acquire the shock-shade from the snapping beast that is its guardian. The friends win in the end, and Mud reflects on his adventures, the various ethical concerns raised, the sights he has seen, and the meaning of friendship. Order code: S.

It is offered at a special price and is only available to order as an add-on to the set that contains the implementation manual. Order code: B. The set comprises all four books: the three novels and the parent manual. Age: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Each book is reproduced in its entirety and includes Michael Clay Thompson's "language illustrations"—close-ups of poetic techniques, four-level analyses of interesting grammar, and comments about writing strategies.