Top 50 Kindle Fire Apps for Children

These Kids’ Tablets Are Fun, Durable, and Even Educational
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Here are the best kid- and parent-approved options! Learn more about our top picks below. It's the tablet of choice by our parenting editor for its tough build, 2-year warranty, a hour battery, and a robust set of parental controls. The tablet's foam case — which comes in yellow, pink, or blue — protects it from drops and scratches.

So, if your child jams a candy bar in the charging port or drops it in the toilet and renders it useless, Amazon will replace it, no questions asked. The tablet runs Amazon's modified version of Android, so it doesn't have the Google Play Store on it, but it's much easier to use and navigate. You can change the user experience based on who's using the tablet, whether it be a child, teen, or parent — a feature the iPad lacks. Parents are able to set preferences that limit usage, block purchases, and protect against age-inappropriate content.

Amazon also gives buyers a 1-year subscription to FreeTime Unlimited, a content library that gives kids access to thousands of age-appropriate videos, books, games, and apps. The tablet is equipped with 32 GB of storage the same amount as the cheapest iPad , and it supports microSD cards to add more room for movies and games. On a budget? These traditional non-kids' edition Fire HD tablets are also a better pick for parents who want to download videos from apps like Netflix for their children to watch without an internet connection.

The iPad has a beautiful high-resolution 9.

While testing the iPad , we found that it is well-designed and superbly crafted. It feels solid, but not heavy, and there are plenty of rugged cases to choose from that'll keep it in one piece when your child inevitably drops it. Most importantly, Apple's App Store has the widest selection of apps, games, and educational content in the business.

Despite all this, we don't think the iPad is the best tablet for kids. We named the Amazon Fire HD 8 the best kids' tablet over the iPad, not for its performance or expansive app library, but because it's a better value and has a much more extensive set of parental controls. Not only that, the iPad lacks several sought parental control features. For instance, there's no way to make an iPad turn off when it's time for bed and keep it powered down until morning, or incentivize behavior e.

Fortunately, you can set a daily allotment of time for a specific app or app category think games, social media, entertainment, etc. Once time runs out, the iPad blocks access to those apps. Your son or daughter can ask you for time extensions, which is displayed as a notification on your own personal iOS device. But these notifications get annoying very quickly, and make it easy to cave in. Geoffrey Fowler, a technology columnist at the Washington Post , said he was surprised at how difficult Apple's parental software was to use.

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Junior could watch all day long," he said. If you're fine with forfeiting advanced parental controls, your son or daughter will love an iPad. It's much faster than Amazon's tablets, is capable of running augmented reality apps and games, it offers side-by-side multitasking capabilities, and it lets you quickly jot down notes or sketches with its convenient Pencil accessory.

50 best apps for kids from that parents can trust | Technology | The Guardian

It's so nice, you'll want to use it, too — but we think the iPad's lack of parental controls and their complexity for the ones that do exist can't be ignored. What's better than a virtual world designed for kids to grow intellectually? This tablet will adapt to your kid's learning level by adjusting the skill level for the different games and activities offered in the form of apps! New challenges will appear as your little brainiac hits mental milestones.

Plus, we love its shatterproof screen for slippery fingers and tantrum throwers.

Free apps for kindle

We're glad to see that the home screen is customizable, so your little one can easily access their favorite apps. The tablet teaches your child a new word every day, and it'll help with spelling, reading, writing, and science. Like Amazon's tablet, this one runs a modified, but easy-to-navigate version of Android with parental controls and a kid-safe web browser. Although it's slower than Amazon's tablet and the iPad, it's still equipped with 16 GB of expandable storage, dual cameras, Bluetooth, and a headphone jack.


It comes in pink or green. While the tablet comes with a handful of school readiness, music, and creativity-inspiring apps, unfortunately, several of the apps are only demos. We recommend the Epic Academy Edition over the newer tablet because it runs Android and allows you to install apps from Amazon's app store without incurring additional charges. The sleek and lightweight Galaxy Tab A by Samsung sports a bright 8-inch display with a 1, by HD resolution that's perfect for Netflix binges or reading under the covers at night. It comes in black or silver, and it's one of the few affordable tablets that uses the newer USB-C charging port.

This comes in handy for kids because the tablet's charging cable is completely reversible, making it easy to plug in and charge the device. It's a powerful and portable Android, and it has the Google Play Store, making it a great choice for teens who want to install social media apps — although we wish that its parental controls were as thorough as Amazon's tablet.

And the Bad

On the plus side, parents can install " Samsung Kids ," an expansive library of educational games, books, and videos that are kid-friendly and easy to monitor and control. There are also several colorful kid-friendly cases available for this tablet, too. It's even available in a larger inch variant. The device is equipped with 32 GB of storage — perfect for parents who want to fill it up with plenty of videos and apps before a long road trip. And it has dual cameras that'll come in handy for Skyping the grandparents or making YouTube videos.

Other highlights of the tablet include a decent 1. Plus, its metal frame helps protect the screen from shattering in the unfortunate event that you or your child drops it. This affordable tablet runs Android's older Nougat operating system, is equipped with powerful front-facing Dolby speakers, and has a vibrant 8-inch, 1, by resolution display. It sports an all-glass body similar to the old iPhone 4, making it suitable for older kids who won't drop it.

To protect it against scratches, scuffs, and drops, there are a bevy of kid-friendly cases available for purchase.

Although you can install parental controls on this tablet, iit comes with Google's Play Store pre-installed, meaning your son or daughter may have easier access to content you may not approve of. Some are purely about fun; others focus on bringing an interactive twist to storytelling; and others are more weighted towards the building blocks of maths and language-learning. Meanwhile, strong sales of Android smartphones mean there is a sizable number of parents looking for kid-apps on those devices too.

Expect some of the apps featured in this list that are Apple-only to make the jump to Android in the coming months. If you've run out of room on your fridge for your children's drawings and paintings, this app helps you capture and store photos of the real-world artworks, while sharing them with family and friends on social networks. This is part-drawing app and part-digital colouring book, as the name implies.

This will appeal to creative parents as much as to children, as it involves taking some of Disney's most famous characters and creating your own pixel-art drawings and animations, which can then be shared online. A drawing app with a twist for children — they can also record their voice as they draw.

The results can then be turned into a video of up to three minutes in length, to be sent to friends and family.

It gets them colouring in scenes and characters from the iconic Dr Seuss books, with digital stickers and a virtual glitter cannon thrown in. Described as a "sing-along songbook", this gets your children tapping and, yes, singing along to songs including London Bridge and Old MacDonald, with animations, interactivity and a bucketful of charm. Good parental tools ensure it's a safe introduction to messaging.

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Imagine if making music was like finger-painting. That's the idea behind this fun app for three- to five-year-olds, which uses instrument samples from around the world to paint tunes onto a digital canvas. This starts as a storybook app following the "silly fun adventures" of a pair of cats called Miko and Cola. The real joy comes in its music mode, where your child can tap on characters and items to make music.

Magic Piano isn't just for kids, but children do gravitate towards it. The app is a virtual piano that warps into magical shapes. As kids get older, it will teach them to play an array of songs too, from pop hits to classics. Farm aims to be a digital version of pop-up books, based on a character called Farmer Jo and his animals.

The 50 best children's apps for smartphones and tablets

It's aimed at pre-school-age children, teaching them to count from one to 10 with cows, pigs and eggs. Children and parents are well-used to phonics alphabet-learning now, and this stylish flash-cards app gives the discipline a friendly animal face.

Top 4 Kindle Fire Apps for Kids- Approved by Kids!

This marvellous numbers app gets your child to count by placing fingers on the iPad's touchscreen, with cute cartoon numbers appearing, depending on how many fingers are pressed.