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Top charts. New arrivals. Schow May 1, More than short stories from bestselling and award-winning authors. This volume will introduce you to horror, mystery, fantasy and thrills, from the dark worlds of Lovecraft to the cutting-edge suspense of the mean streets of the cities of the world.

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This monster collection speaks in the voices of some of today's leading masters of the short story, with something certain to appeal to every reader. Find a new creative voice to follow. Find a new world to love. An amazing wealth of fiction and imagination. Wayne Miller Fiction, Vol. Reviews Review Policy. Published on. Flowing text, Google-generated PDF. Best For. Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader.

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This action-packed adventure starring Mike Mignola's popular creation, Hellboy, was written by award-winning author Brian Hodge. Fifty years ago, a blood-red, cloven-hoofed demon was conjured up by Axis powers at the end of World War II, but adopted by the United States government, which gave him the name Hellboy and raised him in secrecy.

He questions the unknown—then beats it into submission. His latest case: Angels have attacked the Vatican, destroying an entire floor of the building's precious library. That's a new one, even for the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. When they arrive on the scene, they discover that thousands of documents from all eras of history have been destroyed—except for one, saved from the holy fire by an obsessive scholar.

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His prize? An ancient scroll allegedly written by Jesus the Nazarene—decades after the crucifixion. Hellboy's first thought is that the scroll was the focus of the seraphim's attack—but why would heavenly creatures undertake such violence and ruin? The Merrifield peptide synthesis studied by near-infrared Fourier-transform Raman spectroscopy B.

Due Larsen D.

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Christensen A. Holm R. Zillmer O. Fishbein Robert G. Hexameric lithium phenolate: crystal structures and lithium-7 quadrupole coupling in solid and solution phases Lloyd M. Jackman Deniz Cizmeciyan Paul G. Williard Michael A.

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Ruiz, Fabio R. Tavani, and C. Hellboy's first thought is that the scroll was the focus of the seraphim's attack—but why would heavenly creatures undertake such violence and ruin? Smith, PeerJ, , 2:e Patanjali, and, D. Stephen J.

Hydroxyl radical formation during the reaction of oxygen with methane or water over basic lanthanide oxide catalysts Louis C. Anderson Mingting Xu Charles E. Mooney Michael P. Rosynek Jack H. Structures of the adduct ions formed in the ammonia chemical ionization of ketones Xiaoping Li Alex G. Characterization of amino acid side chain dynamics in a zinc-finger peptide using carbon NMR spectroscopy and time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy Arthur G.

Journal of the American Chemical Society | Vol , No 14

Hochstrasser David P. Millar Mark Rance Peter E. Conformational properties of monosubstituted cyclohexanes in their thiourea inclusion compounds and in solution: variable-temperature one-dimensional and two-dimensional carbon NMR investigations Abil E. Aliev Kenneth D. Fluorescence spectra and quantum yields of buckminsterfullerene C60 in room-temperature solutions. Nazeeruddin A. Kay I. Rodicio R. Humphry-Baker E.

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Mueller P. Liska N. Vlachopoulos M. Photosubstitution of iron carbonyl phosphine complexes: quantum yield, kinetic, and thermochemical studies Suresh K. Nayak Theodore J.

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Ultrafast electron transfer and coupled vibrational dynamics in cyanide bridged mixed-valence transition-metal dimers Stephen K. Doorn R. Brian Dyer Page O. Stoutland William H. The nature of electron transfer from metal surfaces to the carbon-halogen bond H.

Walborsky C. The laser-drop method: a new approach to induce multiple photon chemistry with pulsed lasers. Examples involving reactions of diphenylmethyl and cumyloxyl radicals J. Banks J. Benson Peter G.

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Crooks Shelley D. Carlson Daniel H. Huchital Edgardo J. Mantilla Richard D. Sheardy W.

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Rorer Murphy Jr. Oxidative coupling of arylglycine-containing peptides.